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Know Thyself ·Blueprint

Your Light WITHIN Day Retreat

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It's a big challenge for all of us to keep the light we are creating WITHIN us and observing carefully about what we do, what we eat , what we follow and who we are in relationships with. Therefore, before and after intense spiritual practices it's very important to know how to protect ourselves.

When we learn how to keep our light we can make our journey through this life flow so much better, we become much more disciplined and stronger in front of the temptations of this world also protecting our energy helps us daily for sure .

And remember, with putting our attention toward daily tests and challenges, we all can save more light if we care about our energy and learn how to use and protect it in better ways. 

Come and join us on our Day Retreat for a fun, interesting, transformational day and meet other beautiful souls like yourself... You will be so happy you did ... 

Look forward to welcoming you

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