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Shungite Heart Pendant

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Shungite Pendant

Can help:

  • protect from geopathogenic events;
  • neutralize electromagnetic waves;
  • stabilize blood pressure;
  • correct energy processes;
  • recharge and to keep vitality in the human body.

Pendant of Shungite is not only attractive thing but some kind of Stone Therapy is known as an ancient healing art that was just recently rediscovered. Shungite stone can help by giving its electromagnetic energy and Mother Earth healing power to you, virtually ‘feed' the person, a relaxing energy that can bring balance of peace and harmony to chronic and acute problems. It can improve the work of lymphatic and immune systems, may assist in helping the natural flow of blood pressure and body functions, and assists your body in self healing. It can also affect the sensory system which stimulates production of neuro-chemicals that brings sense of well-being. All pendants come with the cord.

Shungite pendants available for you to enjoy beautifully looking jewellery,