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Know Thyself ·Blueprint

Discover the ultimate self-care experience with our exclusive Online Journey to Self Sanctuary.

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Online Retreat

This one-of-a-kind virtual sanctuary, created with the Know Thyself •Blueprint brand which focuses on identifying the Blueprint energy and the importance of knowing it, has been crafted with your wellbeing in mind. Understanding your energetic makeup is crucial for staying aligned with your journey and reaching your full potential.

Our monthly membership (4 weeks) payments allow you to pay for the month you wish to stay, with the first payment made via our website and future payments via standing order.

Every month, we carefully curate and update each level of the sanctuary to cater to your evolving needs, providing you with essential tools and guidance that will keep you connected with your true self.

Escape the distractions of mainstream social media and indulge in a private and peaceful sanctuary designed for your personal growth and rejuvenation. Our weekly workshops and Krysthl •Brain Yoga guided meditations, along with Master Class options for those wishing to develop even further, will help you stay on track and aligned with your journey.

Sign up for the level that suits you best and receive an email with access to our serene online haven. Join before April 7th 2023 with no joining fee and start your journey towards self-awareness and fulfillment.

You can pay your membership fees every four weeks, or you have the option to pay annually and receive a discount of £180.

More information and level options here