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Know Thyself ·Blueprint

Krysthl ·Brain Yoga™

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Please ensure you have read the information and waiver before booking your class if you haven't already... Read here

Every Monday 1.30PM and 8PM UK time zone - Join from anywhere in the world with internet access.


Please note cut off time for booking is 12 noon or 7pm UK time on the day or  evening of the class...

No entry after 1.25pm or 7.55 pm as class will start promptly .... Please ensure you enter your correct email to receive zoom link

Krysthl ·Brain Yoga is a labour of love and has been created especially for you, like many who struggle with ·Brain Fog, overwhelming moments, daily stresses, anxiety, demanding tasks from employers, family issues, new baby, memory loss, and much more...

Wouldn't it be lovely to be anywhere at any time and be able to have instant moments of feeling chilled, happy and indulgent absolute bliss moments?

Well now YOU CAN ENJOY these moments easily with Krysthl ·Brain Yoga

It is safe to do, similar in some ways to going to a gym or doing any other form of yoga type exercise, only this has an element of meditation and can be practiced sitting on a bus, on a plane, on a beach, in the bath... anywhere your mind can take you! 

Pay as you go class or FREE with our Online Retreat Membership