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Know Thyself ·Blueprint

·Blueprint Activation

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Your 90 minute ·Blueprint reading should be where you begin, architects will not build on their design without first creating their blueprint and similarly we shouldn't be building our life without our own ·Blueprint as the foundations. Negative consequences we face throughout our life can mostly be avoided and or turned around by simply knowing our purpose and how the vibration we emit affects our daily life. We were born, and that birth gave us our vibration however, environment, mums, dads, other family members, peers, influencers, our choices etc. manage to tune us into their frequencies giving us many of their experiences. Your ·Blueprint reading activates your own birth energy, your own experiences and gives you the insight to know what to let go of so you can re-connect with your true self, becoming fully empowered.

Book your "KNOW THYSELF" ·Blueprint with me today, let's start laying those foundations together.