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•Buds - Level One

Before we open fully to the world around us we must acclimatise and take in just enough information so as to not become overwhelmed

•Budding - Level Two

As we begin to open we are able to clear away all things that no longer serve us so as to feel lighter and become well prepared for our next phase

•Budded - Level Three

Each phase leads us to open our hearts, change our perception and begin to take real action so as to make those truly transformational experiences from WITHIN


Online Retreat Membership

£15.00 - 57.00

Online Retreat

There's nothing quite like our online retreat...Full of all the ESSENTIALS to help and guide you to the best version of yourself. Each level has been carefully created and developed to ensure your needs are met on a monthly basis. Access this PRIVATE SANCTUARY away from the mainstream social media, where you can have that unique and much needed time for yourself. Once you have selected which level you would like, you will receive an email with link details to join our exclusive online retreat... More information here


feel so so calm and relaxed in my head this rising after the mind chatter and sabotaging thoughts are the main things I have worked on since being in retreat so am made up with works if you work it as they say

Ann Welsh

 I'm up early this rising feeling on a high which I've been for the last week I'm just going with it I know something has shifted within me and I guess it's a long time coming I'm loving the feeling of feeling freer if that makes sense

Theresa McGuire


I am in my •Bud phase!

Well, our Bud portal will have information to help YOU inner-stand where you are right now and insight into many things you may not know the meaning of... As all buds they need plenty of water, this phase on your journey is for you if you need plenty of uncomplicated information to get you started at your own pace...

It will be as active as you want to be... 

Here's some of what you will have access to

Live Workshop each month on various topics

Different portals that have specific information for your needs

Free Krysthl •Brain Yoga sessions

And much more...

Budding - Know Thyself Retreat

I am •Budding and ready to let go!

Oooh I love it! If you are budding, you will need plenty of pruning and weeding to keep your growth on your journey fresh.

Therefore I have created a space for you to do just that.

It includes all of •Buds (Level One) plus One Master Class to help with issues such as letting go, motivation, stress management, worry, everyday issues, relationships and much more...

Budded - Know Thyself Retreat

Oh my how you've •Budded beautifully!

And so, when you have •Budded you will need plenty of food to sustain your growth. By food I mean INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM that brings abundance and enhancement to your life with an incredible ability to bring all things together that have been missing for so long.  

It feels so right to include all of •Buds Level One and •Budding Level Two and to add even more magic source for your journey you will have free access to selected extra Master Classes per month on things such as guidance with your own practice, knowledge not easily available out there, plus an extra live workshop with me for ultimate guidance on learning how to fine tune your purpose and much more ... 

Whichever level you choose it will be right for you and you'll be made so welcome

As we all come together on this learning journey we automatically become stronger, more confident and have the ability to step into the existing higher vibrational energy that is just waiting for us to align with...


Looking forward to welcoming you :)


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