Without our •Blueprint it's easy to continue searching for what is missing Without our •Blueprint we will encounter lessons that don't belong to us Without our •Blueprint our fulfilment and happiness stay waiting for us

Sometimes all we need is a little something to remind us of who we are and what we can achieve once we know our own vibrational tools.

We can often take on others energy because we are unaware of our own.

We can often be in another's shadow because we're unaware of our own light.

We can often miss out on opportunities because we're unaware they are there.

Right now, there's an opportunity for you to change all the above to...


I can FIND what's missing

I can STOP encountering lessons that don't belong to me


I can remerge with my own ENERGY

I can step into my own LIGHT

I can ALIGN to see all my OPPORTUNITIES


I've done these for my family and friends and they're always telling me how valuable the Know Thyself ·Blueprints are especially for their young ones! And now many like you are buying them for themselves or as gifts! Read their reviews below to see what they're saying :)

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Martine ·Belynda

know thyself blueprint codex

Know Thyself ·Blueprint Codex


Know Thyself Codex

I have been asked for sometime now if I would do a mini readable ·Blueprint. There are hundreds of combinations and for that reason I have always said "maybe one day". 

Well, that day has finally come and I am pleased to say I can now offer the codex Know Thyself ·Blueprint in a PDF format that have the vibrations of your experiences throughout our journey.

These vibrations are from your Earth date and are for anyone wishing to be aligned with their true self and make amazing gifts for your friends, new born baby gifts, your teenagers sons' and daughters, your own little treasures, even for yourself to keep as a quick glance to help you to tune into your truth... the list is endless and an extremely valuable and unique gift. 

This is an overview and a full ·Blueprint is always recommended, however it is a perfect way to get to know more about your energy as either for the first time or an addition to your in-depth Know Thyself ·Blueprint Reading.

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5 star review

5 star review from Jacqui

Know Thyself Codex Review

5 star review from Miranda

Know Thyself Codex Review

5 star review from Dee


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