"Know Thyself" Formula

The simple way to discover your true purpose


Eight Elements with various essences

The elements and essences in my Formula guide you to your flow state which, often make dreams become a reality, every time flow state is activated a sense of euphoria is experienced. Now that alone should get you ready to invest in yourself :)


Because there's nothing more satisfactory than strutting with confidence as you glide through life and its challenges "Knowing Thyself"


What's in the formula? The formula as mentioned has key elements and essences that will lay down the foundations for your individual journey which is an essential piece of the puzzle if you wish to build a life that enhances your efforts. These elements and essences include developing your perception, heart brain, relationships, thoughts, awareness, and memory to name a few.


30th March 22 live via Zoom 11 am each week, no worries if you are unable to attend any at the specified time as I will ensure you get to watch a replay.

know thyself formula

"Know Thyself" Formula


Level One "Know Thyself" Formula.

Live sessions for level one have now finished!

This course will soon be available as a video course. 

You can book now until end of July 22 at the early bird price £360

When launched in August price will be £540 

The above link with take you to more information and to see what people who have taken the course are saying :)


We are made of Sacred Geometry!

Not many know much about sacred geometry, so don't run away!

I will be explaining this valuable crucial part of our existence to ensure you fully inner-stand how the energy of it works and why it's so important to have some knowledge about S G to better "Know Thyself"

Sacred Geometry is a vast topic and therefore I will not be going into it all as it really isn't needed, however the area I will be covering is a basic inner-standing of the vibration and frequencies and how our patterns and sequences form from the energy we produce which is constantly creating our everyday experiences, the good, bad and the yukky!

seed of life - know thyself formula

What is your purpose and how do you align with it?

This is a million-dollar question and one that I will explain so well on the course as without a purpose in life we do not live in abundance. Abundance isn't just financial it is much more. Everything and everyone have a purpose and when it aligns with the origin of its vibration it attracts all of life's wonders specific to the experiences you came here to have, instead of experiencing too much that doesn't belong to you!


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