Is this on your mind too? I can't tell how many people ask me that question when I ask their reason for booking to see me?

So, what's my answer? Well, I would say it’s more than just our job it’s more than just our career it's that feeling inside that we have something, something so worthwhile yet struggle to bring to the surface.

This is why we don’t get to live it. Instead, we chase the next big thing, we follow what looks like success or we become so defeated, deflated, and overwhelmed we feel like throwing in the towel, and sadly many do.

Is this ringing any bells?

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I make no apologies for saying this, the reason being we're on a journey of truth and the bottom line is we do have some real work to do. No more plasters, no more short cuts, and no more thinking someone else can fix us. The reason people come to me is because of my straight talking, albeit said with sensitivity and compassion and my sense humour to help put everything we are working on into perspective, then there's my track record for helping them transform their lives as seen in many recommendations and reviews.

I'm here to help you not patronise you... the message here should be loud and clear, there is way forward to achieve, become, and able to tune into your higher self at will. However, the chasing the carrot stops when you are ready to dedicate time into re-discovering yourself, the self you came here to align perfectly with and re-connect with the very best version of you.
If you're ready then well done you're on your way to a really happy life, one that you, your very self is in full control of.


OK Martine, so how do we get there? Yes I heard you :)
To truly "Know Thyself" involves a science. That's something from my experience many find too complex and therefore shy away from it. However by not understanding such depth to ourselves we leave ourselves open to the continued programming of our mind.
Is there an easy way to unravel that complexity?

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Well, there is a way, and it's doable with dedication, that said it's not all hard slog either, it can be so much fun especially when you start to notice synchronicities more often. Then there's your family and friends who can see you changing some may encourage you whilst some may not, this is where you will need to set your intention and stay focused on your intention. Throughout your journey though you will have many moments where you'll have a definite spring in your step, your energy will radiate out and what seems like coming from nowhere you will feel that energy boosting your thoughts and actions to match, creating more positive outcomes. Usually this is the point of no return, and your mind becomes stronger and with more clarity.

Now here comes my sensitivity, with the emphasis on quality, beauty and creating an environment in which to embody our wholeness the creation of transformational experiential retreats was born, both online and locations. Using the carefully selected areas of my formula I help identify where to start and how to implement your forthcoming advancement in re-connecting with your happiness.

And Yes "You" do deserve it.

You are the only worthwhile investment.


To say I'm excited to share with you what you will experience on any one of my retreats is a serious understatement. I have designed each category in the online retreat and each mindful teaching, activity and your me time with you in mind, I locate the best for our locations to ensure you re-discover a new dimension to yourself each time you are a guest.

"Know Thyself" is the Portal to the Soul

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Krysthl •Brain Yoga

Free Krysthl Brain Yoga Class
Starts Monday 3rd October at 1.30pm - Learn how to use your WILL, Use your Energy with your own Energy Pin and the Koiling technique that is mind blowing... Your first class is free so come along and try it... I'm sure you'll love it as much as everyone who has atttended so far. Just email info@knowthyself-blueprint.me for link and more information.